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Cleveland Police Federation

Police Mutual

We proudly serve those who serve our community

Improving the lives of the Police family is what Police Mutual are all about.  The company has been able to put in place a wide range of initiatives, services, and support to make a positive difference to the lives of serving and retired Police Officers and Staff.


We offer a range of products and services that are only available to Police Officers, Staff, their families, and the wider Police family. So whether you’re interested in saving for a rainy day, or want quality insurance cover – we’re here for you.


You can find out more by visiting www.policemutual.co.uk


Wellbeing Hub & Guides

Hub: https://www.policemutual.co.uk/activity/wellbeing/

Self-harm and self-injury awareness Day 2024

Retirement Centre/Police Mutual

Let's Talk Money Guides


Let's talk life events 2024

Let's talk power of attorney 2024

Let's talk wills 2024

LTM how to make a budget 2024

LTM Retirement planning 2024

LTM Cost of living crisis 2024

LTM Protecting your finances 2024

Police Mutual Member Benefits

Musculoskeletal problems

Healthcare Scheme - 50% discount (see T&C)

Police Mutual Webinars

Members of the Police Pension Scheme

The Taxations & Corrections: Police Pension Scheme





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