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City of London Police Federation

Have Your Say On Industrial Rights

6 June 2024

Federation members are urged to have their say on whether police officers should seek to have industrial rights.

The Police Federation of England and Wales is asking its members in all forces whether it should pursue industrial rights for officers, and specifically, whether to seek to establish the right to ‘collective bargaining’ and a fairer pay mechanism with binding arbitration.

City of London Police Federation Chair Mike Reed said: “All members of the City Federation should get a link to vote on the Industrial Rights ballot.

“It should be in the email address the Federation hold for you, this could be work or personal.

Please check your Spam folder if you can’t find it - from Mi-Voice. If not let us know.”

Federation members will receive a link to the poll via MiVoice, the company that manages the election process for PFEW. The vote opened on Monday 3 June and will close on Friday 23 June at 21:59.

Members should contact their Federation office if they have not yet received a link. Please ensure you also check your spam or any email addresses registered with the Federation.