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North Yorkshire Police Federation

About us

We in the North Yorkshire Police Federation are here to assist in and to promote the welfare and efficiency of the force and our colleagues, and to assist in the ongoing development of North Yorkshire Police.

We aim to protect and support North Yorkshire's police officers and families each and every day.

The Police Federation is the staff association, which represents the vast majority (98.5%) of police officers in North Yorkshire. Our members are every police officer from the rank of Constable through to Chief Inspector.

The voice of the Police Federation is regularly heard both locally and nationally on TV, radio and in the press as we campaign on your behalf to ensure that you and fellow officers are given a fair deal financially, legally and professionally.

In North Yorkshire the Federation represents members at Senior Management Team, at force JNCC, force Health and Safety Co-ordinating Committee and on a number of Programme and Project Boards.

At a local level your representatives are involved in Area Management, JNCC and Health and Safety Committees as well as in consultation on local issues. Your local representatives look to keep you informed on current issues and act as an initial point of contact for your general concerns.  They can support you in the early stages of most managerial processes:

  • Performance
  • Attendance / Sickness
  • Grievance
  • Discipline

Under the Federation Fund Rules we can provide the following (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Free legal advice for members facing criminal proceedings when on duty;
  • Advice and assistance when giving evidence at inquests;
  • Welfare advice and assistance for personal issues;
  • Legal advice to members charged with an offence while driving on duty;
  • Legal advice and representation for discipline issues;
  • Advice by a trained 'friend' for all discipline matters;
  • Advice and assistance with civil claims and Industrial Injuries claims;
  • Personal Public Liability cover;
  • Assist with Fairness at Work issues;
  • Offer advice and assistance for sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment;
  • Support defamation proceedings (in certain circumstances) on behalf of members;
  • Provide representation at Employment Tribunals;
  • Give pensions advice.


Please Meet the NYPF Team and it's reps



Objectives of North Yorkshire Police Federation:

  • The Federation negotiates on all aspects of pay, allowances, hours of duty and pension matters.
  • The Federation is at the forefront of promoting equality issues nationally and within force and can advise on issues relating to all forms of discrimination and Fairness at Work issues.
  • We can provide free legal advice and representation for many issues including criminal, discipline, traffic and personal injury. We can also provide legal advice and representation for unlawful discrimination and pension appeals.
  • Member services are provided directly and in-directly to add value and enhance member wellbeing.

What does the Federation cost me?

The monthly deduction is £24.31 per calendar month.

If you think that is costly, then think again. How costly would it be to have professional and legal advice at your fingertips when you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? What if a prisoner dies accidentally while in your custody? What if you have to use force in an arrest? What if a newspaper prints defamatory comments about you or suppose a suspect makes a false allegation?

Members are advised that subscriptions to voluntary funds are tax deductable.