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Wiltshire Police Federation

Covid vaccine: The role of a police officer is extremely risky...we need protection to be able to do our job

22 January 2021

Chair of Wiltshire Police Federation Mark Andrews spoke out on BBC Radio Wiltshire yesterday highlighting why officers should be included in the next phase of priority for the Covid-19 vaccination.

Mark said: “Being a police officer is a role which is extremely risky, we are out there every day dealing with people, often people who are aggressive towards us and getting within the 2 metre isolation zone.

“We need to have protection to be able to do our job, we have stab vests, PAVA spray, Tasers but the only item I’m asking for is the vaccine to protect us from Covid.”

He explained: “Officers feel ill like any other member of the public, we have to isolate and with that means less officers can enforce the legislation that is given by the government.

“Our ability to ensure that legislation is enforced dwindles severely and we also have other crimes to deal with as well.

“Having us on the streets is extremely important.”

With the new strain of coronavirus, Mark points out that “those who are being admitted to hospital are below previous age groups and police officers are within 45 to 60 meaning they are seen as vulnerable.

“We’ve seen police officers being admitted to hospital and unfortunately fighting for their life, so we are extremely at risk.”