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Wiltshire Police Federation

Police Federation Chief Lays Into Theresa May For Betraying Police

9 August 2018

The new head of the Police Federation didn't mince his words as he tore into Theresa May for betraying police officers.

John Apter said that the Prime Minister simply didn't get policing and criticised the "derisory" pay offer they received. Speaking to Ian Collinon on LBC, Mr Apter said Mrs May left a trail of destruction for policing during her time as Home Secretary.

He said: "They've taken away a payment that they gave police officers last year. So the pay award this year is less than one percent. It's 0.85%, which has already been swallowed up.

"It is derisory. It's an insult.

"Over the past nine years, police officers in real terms have seen an 18% cut in their pay. My colleagues are right to be angry. I'm really angry. The government has betrayed police officers"

Mr Apter said new Home Secretary Sajid Javid is the first person in the post to "get" policing, but warned he had to follow his warm words with action, unlike his predecessor, the PM.

He added: "At the Police Federation Conference this year, the Home Secretary said some lovely warm words. As far as I'm concerned, he's on probation. He needs to start delivering. At the moment, he hasn't.

"I think he's the first Home Secretary to get policing. But his boss certainly doesn't.

"In fact, she's got contempt for policing and those who deliver policing.

"The trail of destruction that the ex-Home Secretary, now Prime Minister, left in policing, she should be utterly ashamed of herself."