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Wiltshire Police Federation

PF Claimline


PF Claimline's personal injury lawyers have recovered over £29 million in damages for police officers and their families in the last three years.

If you are injured on or off duty, you can start your claim for personal injury through PF Claimline. Your family is also covered if they suffer an injury, even if it's in a separate incident.

PF Claimline is one of the benefits of being a Police Federation member. Whether you win or lose your claim you will not be charged and you keep 100% of any compensation won.

PF Claimline's personal injury lawyers are specialists in all types of accident, and police incidents in particular including:

• Training incidents
• Road traffic accidents involving police vehicles
• Animal handling incidents
• Health & safety claims

To start a claim call 0800 9171 999 or visit our site at www.pfclaimline.co.uk