90 days from today is Fri, 29 December 2023

Wiltshire Police Federation

Will I receive Federation Funding for Legal Assistance in Criminal and Misconduct cases?


If you are arrested or interviewed in respect of a criminal matter then any legal advice that you receive AT A POLICE STATION (including the PSD office) is currently covered by the Legal Aid scheme as it is for any other person in similar circumstances. 

Due to changes in the Legal Aid scheme you would not be covered for any meetings with a solicitor at their office, nor would you be covered for legal representations at a Magistrates Court and due to the forthcoming “means testing” being introduced, nor at Crown Court. 

If the circumstances which led to the Criminal complaint are DUTY RELATED then, if you meet the criteria within the funding rules, you will be covered for further representation by the Federation. Regardless of the circumstances your Federation Friend will be able to advise you accordingly. 

If you are the subject of conduct proceedings that has been assessed as Gross Misconduct, then generally speaking you will be covered for legal assistance by the Federation. In these circumstances the Federation will provide access to our retained solicitors, Russell Jones and Walker. If you wish to use other solicitors, this will be at your own expense. Whilst there are other solicitors out there with knowledge of Police Regulations, Russell Jones and Walker are currently proving to be the best.