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Wiltshire Police Federation

What should I do if I find myself in trouble?

When you first discover that you have a complaint against you DO NOT do or say anything, nor make a written statement. We are not advocating that you become militant, but that you gain Federation advice prior to engaging fully with the process (If a copy of your PNB is requested provide it). 

The first thing that you need to be mindful of is the fact that under the Police Reform Act 2002 the Force regardless of how vexatious the complaint is, are obliged to investigate the complaint. 

Remembering that under Regulation 16 there is the opportunity to make a written response to the Reg 15 notice within 10 working days you need to make contact with the Federation as soon as possible. 

Your Federation Friend will liaise with Professional Standards on your behalf, arrange to meet you in person for a discussion, assist you with a statement under caution if required, arrange a time and date for an interview if required and where necessary arrange for legal advice and or attendance. 

Once the investigation process as commenced you should be updated as to the progress at least once every four weeks and you can ask to see the Terms of Reference and in cases regarding conduct disclosure should be provided.