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Wiltshire Police Federation

What about my entitlement to a meal break?

In Police Regulations the normal daily period of duty (including refreshments) is 8 hours. As far as the exigencies of duty permit the normal daily period of duty shall be performed in one tour, with an interval of 45 minutes for refreshments, except when a half-day’s annual leave is taken. 

Police Regulations also provide for variable shift arrangements, such as the one we work in Nottinghamshire. Where an officer works in accordance with variable shift arrangement is on duty for a continuous period of 5 hours or more, time for refreshments shall as far as exigencies of duty permit be allowed as follows: 

Number of Hours Refreshment Time: 

Less than 6 – 30 minutes

6~7 hours – 35 minutes

7~8 hours – 40 minutes

8~9 hours – 45 minutes

9~10 hours – 50 minutes

10 hours or more – 60 minutes 

A “day” means a period of 24 hours starting at 7am as determined some years ago by the Chief Constable.