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Wiltshire Police Federation

My leave has been cancelled which included rest days. How will I be compensated?

PNB Circular 2014/8 details a Police Negotiating Board (PNB) agreement which provides that where an officer, including a member of the inspecting ranks, is required to work on a rest day or a free day within a period of annual leave, that day shall be compensated as if it were a day of annual leave or a day taken off in lieu of overtime. See Section H of this booklet for details of compensation for working on a day of annual leave or a day taken off in lieu of overtime. 

In these circumstances a period of annual leave is defined as a period of absence from duty of five days or more where at least one of those days is a day of annual leave and the other days are rostered rest days, days taken in lieu of overtime, public holidays or free days (or days taken in lieu thereof). 

Forces should make every effort to avoid recalling members to duty during their rest days and free days, particularly when they fall within a period of annual leave. Changes to published rosters should be kept to a minimum and only made due to exigencies of duty or at the request of members. Any changes to rosters should only be made after full consideration of operational, welfare and practical circumstances.