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Wiltshire Police Federation

I was kept on duty and worked into a day that was scheduled for annual leave what can I claim?

Working into annual leave is not contained in either Reg 25 (overtime) or Reg 26 (PHL/Rest Day) of police regulation & determinations, so it is not classified as overtime. Regulation 33 (Annex OO) does state that it is compensation for being recalled to duty. It is also applicable for officers required to work on an Annual Leave day as well, therefore covering the retained on duty scenario. 

Once the recall from annual leave has been compensated, the day reverts to whatever the rostered duty was (eg 07:00-16:00, 10:00-18:00, Rest Day) that was booked off. At this point, Reg 25 & 26 come into play and any overtime that would normally be payable is payable.  

So for example an officer is retained on duty until 08:00 hours off nights having booked 1 days annual leave for the following nights tour of duty, which is then attached to 2 or more rest days, TOIL, PHL or free days. In this case of the officer, would receive compensation of a day back plus a day’s pay at double time (9 hours because it was a 9 hour shift the officer had booked off). 

Now it gets confusing, because the officer had the annual leave day cancelled by working into it, the officer has to work the 9 hours but because he only worked 1 hour he/she owes the force 8 hours . This could be sorted by just returning the 1 hour the officer had worked back onto his/her annual leave.