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Wiltshire Police Federation

Wiltshire Police Federation launch Law and Larder (LAL) Scheme for members

25 October 2022

Wiltshire Police Federation have launched a Law and Larder (LAL) Scheme for members. 

The Law and Larder Scheme aims to provide non-perishable food and toiletries to members of Wiltshire Police and their families who are in need.

Wiltshire Police Federation Chair Phil Matthews said "The Law and Larder scheme was put together by Federation Secretary Sarah Ennis and workplace rep, Penny Andrews. 

"In its current format this is a food parcel that will be sent out to officers on request. 

"This scheme is designed to assist officers that are in need. The Federation is very aware of how officers are struggling financially and we want to help where we can. That last week of each month when officers are debating whether to buy food or fuel is a real issue. 

"I speak with officers regularly about this and with increasing fuel bills heading into the colder months, this won’t be getting any easier. I would encourage both police officers of any rank, and any civilian colleagues in any department to use this scheme if they need to. We are not just here for those involved in conduct, we are here to assist our members in any way we can."

Phil added "Depending on its activity this may progress to having a larder in police stations that officers can use as they need to. 

"Unison has also agreed to assist in this scheme and we will be looking to include our civilian colleagues in the future too." 

If you find that you’ll require assistance to get you through a difficult month and consider applying to LAL scheme, please head here https://www.polfed.org/wilts/news/2022/wiltshire-federation-law-and-larder-scheme/ to complete an application form which should then be sent to wiltshirepf@polfed.org