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Wiltshire Police Federation

National Chair thanks officers working over Halloween and Bonfire Night

28 October 2022

Polfed News

"As we approach Halloween and Bonfire Night, I want to take a moment to thank our members who are working tirelessly 24/7 across England and Wales to keep the public safe.

"It is often one of the busiest times of the year for police officers across the country, with the need for increased patrols meaning that more officers are at work and not spending time with their loved ones. The demands of the job at this time of year can feel overwhelming, and as others celebrate, police officers work around the clock to keep people safe.

"West Yorkshire Police have revealed that in compared to an average day, 999 calls on Halloween have increased by 40 per cent in recent years, with calls on Bonfire Night increasing by 53%. Last year, Sussex Police received 789 calls on Halloween, while Norfolk police received 1,001. This will be echoed across all 43 forces I am sure.

"Most forces will have large scale policing plans in place to provide reassurance to local communities and protect the public. Our officers will be spending this time carrying out high visibility patrols and working to discourage anti-social behaviour and ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for all.

"Whilst this time of year can be fun and exciting for many, it can also be unsettling for people too. We are asking those taking part in Halloween or Bonfire Night celebrations to please do so safely and to be mindful of those in your local community who may not wish to participate or be called upon by those celebrating. Please also consider those who are neurodiverse and may react differently to sudden noise and lights.

"Sadly, over the last few years, we have seen many exploiting Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations to commit crime, cause anti-social disturbances or even attack our officers with fireworks, just for doing their jobs. We are not trying to spoil anyone’s fun; we are not the enemy. The vast majority of the public is supportive and respectful, but to those who do take advantage, please know that this behaviour will not be tolerated, and those intent on causing problems or harm will be robustly dealt with.

"For those of you that areworking over Halloween and Bonfire Night, please stay safe. I thank you for your service."