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Wiltshire Police Federation

Bravery Awards 2022 - Wiltshire Nominee

14 July 2022

A Wiltshire Police officer, who disarmed a violent attacker while she was off-duty, has been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards.

PC Bethany Dadson had only been a police officer for 10 months when she was visiting family in Trowbridge on 19 November 2021.

She heard banging and shouting outside the flat she was in so she went outside onto the landing. She saw two men in an altercation, one of whom had pinned the other against a wall. Realising that there was likely to be an assault, PC Dadson immediately intervened, putting herself between the attacker and his victim.

As she did so, the attacker suddenly produced a hammer and raised it in the air, as if to strike the victim. PC Dadson raised her arm to block any strike on the victim, while giving the man clear instructions to let go of the hammer.

With the help of two female residents from the flats, PC Dadson managed to grab the attacker’s hand and prise open his fingers. Following a short struggle, she successfully disarmed him and handed the hammer to one of the other residents.

PC Dadson was able to get both men into their respective flats and told them to wait for police colleagues. PC Dadson felt the situation was calm enough for her to return to her relative’s address, when she heard female voices arguing.

Once more she had to intervene and keep the women separated; they were connected to the men that she had just dealt with. Her presence and interjection prevented this situation from becoming a disorder too. When local attending officers arrived, PC Dadson explained what had happened with clarity and professionalism.

There was no further action taken to the people involved in the incident.

Wiltshire Police Federation Chairman Phil Matthews said: “Despite still being in her probationary period, Bethany showed bravery above and beyond the expected, putting herself in harm’s way to protect victims.

“She was off-duty and had no personal safety kit, but she prevented what could have been a very serious assault from taking place. Her supervisor at the time commented that ‘she was born to be a police officer’, and I absolutely agree.

“We are very proud of Bethany and she is a very worthy nominee for The National Police Bravery Awards.”