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Wiltshire Police Federation

PFEW Chairman John Apter reacts to news public sector pay could be frozen

13 May 2020

Freezing the pay of police officers and other essential public sector workers at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic to help the country’s financial recovery would be “morally bankrupt and a deep and damaging betrayal”.

Police Federation of England and Wales Chairman John Apter has spoken out after a report in the Daily Telegraph suggested the Government is considering tax rises and a two-year freeze on all public sector pay to mitigate damage to the economy caused by the coronavirus crisis.

John tweeted: “Have seen media reports about potential plans to help the financial recovery post #COVID19. Part of these reports include the possible freezing pay for the public sector. Although these are only media reports I want to make it absolutely clear what my views are.

“The last recession we went through saw public sector workers subject to a pay freeze and then a pay cap for a number of years, this saw my colleagues see a real terms 18% pay cut. This had a crippling effect on many public sector workers

“In this current global crisis which has affected so many people, it has been colleagues from the public sector who have stepped up to save lives, protect the public and keep the country moving. Often putting themselves at risk and making personal sacrifices.

“Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, paramedics, prison officers, teachers, firefighters and many, many more have been the glue which has held us together in this crisis. If there is any consideration in financially punishing our public sector workers then I urge a rethink.

“The Chancellor Rishi Sunak and thousands of others have clapped for our key workers every Thursday. To even consider freezing the pay of our essential public sector workers to help the financial recovery would be morally bankrupt and would be a deep and damaging betrayal.”