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Wiltshire Police Federation

A Christmas message from Wiltshire Police Federation

23 December 2019

A Christmas message to members from Wiltshire Police Federation Chairman Mark Andrews; 


I have now been the Wiltshire Federation Chair for the last twelve months; a year which has seen continued pressures placed on our officers.  The abhorrent attacks we have witnessed on so many of our friends and colleagues have been unacceptable, with almost one officer assaulted a day.  As a Federation we will continue to work with the Home Secretary to further increase the sentencing on those individuals who assault the members of the emergency services but without the support of Judges issuing greater sentences I fear we will see no improvement as we head into the New Year.  We can only be there for each other when we become victims.


We do have some good cheer as we move forward, a promise from the Government to increase our numbers across England and Wales by 20,000 front line officers.  I really do hope this comes true as Wiltshire Police officers are struggling under their current workloads whilst managing the community needs.  We are likely to receive 150 new officers over the next three years.  This will still not bring us back to our pre austerity numbers and there will be no significant change until the first batch are trained and through their tutorship but I really do hope as we get into the warmer months next year we will see some improvements.


I believe we have made real improvements in the local services we provide to our Federated members and I will continue to work and listen to the people I represent in 2020.  I will also work closely with our central office as they try to get the time complaints against our officers are investigate reduced in order to relief the stress this brings and to ensure we get Tasers for all those officers who want one and are capable of carrying one.  


Our police officers will be working in the cold and rain over the festive period many missing quality time with their families, they do this whole year round.  Their efforts allow people to go about their normal day to day routines and to celebrate in a safe way. 


I wish each and every one of our officers a great Christmas and the safe and successful New Year.