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Wiltshire Police Federation

We need answers from government over 'derisory' pay increase

22 September 2017

Wiltshire Police Federation has signed its name on an open letter demanding answers about the government's proposal to increase officers' pay.

Earlier this month the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, announced a two per cent pay award for rank and file police officers in the next year.

Ms Rudd said the award struck "a fair balance for police forces, officers and taxpayers".

"We want to reward and attract the very best police officers within the resources we have, whilst making the right decisions for the economy overall," she said.

But 43 police federations yesterday sent an open letter to government "demanding answers on the derisory pay award", which will result in an award of less than £10 a week for the average officer.

The letter said: "We demand that you tell the public the truth. About crime figures. About police numbers. About the ‘extra’ officers you pledge. About ‘extra’ money you say you will pay.

"No more smoke. No more mirrors. No more double standards."

It said the two per cent pay rise "with no extra money to pay for it" means "it is the public who will yet again suffer and get even less of a service".

"We want a properly funded and well-resourced police service. The public rightly want and expect this."

Chairman of Wiltshire Police Federation, Inspector David Ibbott, said federation members were angry and the Chief Constable and Police Commissioner "have been put in an impossible position as they are already facing monumental cuts in the budget".

Insp Ibbott said: "We feel the government has not been truthful and honest about the pay award given to officers, and that is insulting.

“The two percent awarded has to come from existing policing budgets which means Wiltshire Police may have to choose between officer numbers and public safety. That cannot be right.

“In Wiltshire Crime is not falling, it’s on the way up and nationally cyber crime has exploded.

"Officers are having to do more and more and demands for extra police officers being on patrol are not ‘extra’ police officers.

"They are the same officers doing longer hours, being called back in when they are off or being given extra responsibilities.

"It is all smoke and mirrors and double standards.

“In Wiltshire as always the public have been fantastic at giving us support but they deserve better.

"Officers give all to become police officers but they are straining at the seams which is placing extra mental and physical demands placed upon them by having to work in depleted environments.

"This cannot be right or fair on anyone – let alone the Wiltshire public.”