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Force Chaplaincy

The chaplains – who collectively volunteer thousands of hours a year – perform an important pastoral role, supporting staff and officers at times of stress, concern or crisis.
But they also provide support around day to day business, help with neighbourhood police networking and provide faith diversity training for officers, including new recruits to the force.

The Multi Faith Chaplains are available to come alongside in times of personal difficulty, stress, illness, bereavement, or any work related issue.

They are here to care and to listen.

They aim to:

  • Be AVAILABLE to anyone of any faith or none who needs someone to talk to who is outside the structures of the WMP
  • Be an on-going PRESENCE in the work place, aware of the stresses and strains of life in the force and able to be a friend to individuals and the organisation
  • VISIT, if appropriate, staff who are ill at home or in hospital and provide care to family and friends.
  • Provide CARE for the bereaved and be involved if a member of staff dies particularly if this is whilst in service

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