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Rest day working – know your rights

21 January 2019

The latest instalment of the Police Federation’s Did You Know? campaign has gone live – and focuses on rest days.

The campaign is aiming to highlight officers’ rights and entitlements and will answer some most popular questions asked by officers on selected topics.

The Federation hopes it will highlight key issues and let officers know what they can claim as part of their role.
This month it outlines what you are entitled to when you work a rest day and what happens if a rest day is cancelled but you are then not needed in work.

John Apter, national Police Federation chair, explains: “When I was elected as national chair I made a promise that I would make sure members, as best as we could, understood what their rights were under police regulations.

“The Know Your Rights campaign or Did You Know? has had some really good feedback so far.

“This campaign continues and now we are going to be talking about rest day working - what over-time are you entitled to if you work into a rest day, if you work extended hours on a rest day or if you have your rest day cancelled.

“It all seems really basic stuff but we hear time and time again that our colleagues don’t know what they are entitled to or, they are told by managers what they should expect which is not always right.

“So please look at the information we are sending out and feed into the national Police Federation what you want to talk about next. I hope you find it useful. I hope you find it informative. Please get involved in this campaign. Your rights matter.” More details.


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