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Report outlines our work for members

13 March 2019

Our annual public value report – Here For You – will be published soon.

Printed copies will be available from the Federation office and you will also be able to view a copy on our website - polfed.org/westmids

The report highlights the work that we have done on members’ behalf during 2018 and includes all the key fact and figures from a busy year.

There are updates from all areas of Federation work including conduct and performance, personnel and equalities, and health and safety.

Chair Rich Cooke comments in his introduction to the report: “West Midlands Police Federation is committed to representing and supporting members with a firm focus on their health, welfare and wellbeing, in both a physical and mental sense.

“The Government’s austerity measures and cuts to police budgets have put the police service under pressure as it tries to do more with less. Our communities have suffered and are increasingly aware of the effects of a reduced visible policing presence. But our officers are suffering too as they try to effectively meet ever-rising demand despite there being fewer and fewer of them to go around.”

Secretary Steve Grange gives an overview his year and there are reports from lead officers in key areas of business.

The report will be available later this month.


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