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‘One of the most challenging periods ever for policing’

13 May 2020

Officers could suffer a long-lasting mental impact as they respond to more and more deaths during the coronavirus crisis, according to the Federation’s national wellbeing lead.

In a blog update, Belinda Goodwin said she was aware of one officer who attended 15 coronavirus-related deaths in just 24 hours.

“He’s certainly not the only one to be dealing with such a high volume of incidents, and this volume will undoubtedly rise,” Belinda admitted, adding that this was one of the most challenging periods ever for the Federation and the police service as a whole.

Belinda’s views were echoed by West Midlands Police Federation chair Jon Nott who has also expressed his concerns for officers.

“As a Federation, we are working closely with the Force to ensure members’ welfare is put to the fore at all times and also doing all we can to offer officers support and advice,” Jon explains.

“We are contributing to the information that is being put out on the Force intranet but we can also signpost members to other support organisations, including those that can help any officer who finds themselves suffering mentally or financially. Help is available so members should not be afraid to come forward if they need support.”

The Force is also setting up a Multi-Agency Response Team (MART) to respond to incidents involving coronavirus deaths. Officers volunteering to be part of the team will use enhanced PPE and will also be provided with accommodation to protect them and their families from potential infection. The Force will provide trauma support to them via TRIM practitioners as and when required to try to protect their mental health and wellbeing.

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