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New Home Secretary needs to review policing policy

16 May 2018

The newly-appointed Home Secretary needs to review policing policy as well as considering the Home Office stance on immigration, according to West Midlands Police Federation acting chair John Williams.

Sajid Javid, MP for Bromsgrove, was named as the Home Secretary on 30 April, taking over from Amber Rudd who resigned the day before in the wake of the Windrush scandal and after misleading Parliament about targets for removing illegal immigrants.

Speaking in the House of Commons after this appointment, he pledged not only to put right the way in which those affected by Windrush were treated but also to review the Home Office’s immigration policies and structures.

“I am pleased Mr Javid intends to act quickly to right the wrongs for the Windrush generation,” says John, “But it is also good to hear he has plans to put his own mark on immigration policies.

“We can only hope that this approach also extends to other matters under the Home Office’s remit and particularly policing where a review of budget restrictions is urgently needed.

“As we are all aware, policing is in crisis as we struggle to match increased demand with reduced resources. Violent offences – and particularly knife crimes – are soaring and we need the new Home Secretary to come up a plan to tackle these as a matter of urgency.

“Perhaps Mr Javid will stand up to the Prime Minister – herself a former Home Secretary – and say ‘enough is enough’ and that it’s time for a re-investment in policing before it is too late.”

The Home Secretary is usually a key speaker at the annual Police Federation conference which is being held in Birmingham on 22 and 22 May. It has not been confirmed if Mr Javid will attend.

“I hope he does find time to come to the conference, particularly as it’s being held so close to his constituency,” John explains.

“While I appreciate he will only be three weeks into his new role and he may not have all the answers, it will be a great opportunity for him to hear first-hand from officers who know the realities and challenges of delivering an effective policing service while under pressure due to funding cuts.”


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