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More officers want Taser access

13 July 2018

More than 80 per cent of West Midlands Police Federation members who responded to a nationwide survey on routine arming have indicated they would like to carry Tasers at all times while on duty.

A total of 82 per cent of the Force’s Federation members said they wanted to carry the device routinely when they took part in the survey conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), the results of which were released last month.

But only 15 per cent of them - for whom it is applicable to their role - actually had access to Taser at all times – compared with 22 per cent nationally.

The survey also showed:
• 42 per cent of West Midlands respondents felt all police officers should receive appropriate training and be armed at all times
• 63 per cent would be prepared to carry a firearm at all times
• 58 per cent felt their life was in serious danger at least once in the last two years as a result of a threat by a member of the public
• 76 per cent wanted access to double crewing at all times
• Only nine per cent, for whom it is applicable to their role, actually had this access.

A total of 2,140 responses were received from survey respondents from West Midlands Police Federation. This reflects a response rate of around 32 per cent, based on Home Office figures from 2017. This compares to a national response rate of 27 per cent of Federated rank members.

More details about the survey results will be published in the next edition of our Federation magazine.


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