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Inspectors rights and entitlements

16 May 2018

Inspectors are being reminded of their rights and entitlements.

A ‘Facts and Myths’ document is being re-circulated to help prove or dispel some of the rumours and common misconceptions about what inspectors are and aren’t entitled to.

The booklet covers everything from unpaid over-time, working hours, rest days owed, time off in lieu and on call.

It states: “There has been much confusion since the introduction of the 1994 Agreement and many of our colleagues appear to know very little about what that actually meant - labouring under many misunderstandings which are making their actual working conditions more arduous than they really need to be.

“Sadly, in today’s climate of ‘more for less’ such misunderstanding is eagerly exploited by many of our senior managers. This has resulted in the Inspecting ranks becoming arguably the most ‘put upon’ in the service.”

More details will be published in the next Federation magazine.


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