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Federation officials re-elected

16 May 2018

The secretary, deputy secretary and treasurer of West Midlands Police Federation have all been re-elected unopposed.

Steve Grange, Tim Rogers and Pete Snape will now serve a further three-year term.

It is the first time the Federation’s elections have been run under the new regulations after Sir David Normington’s review and the process, which began in March, is now nearing an end.

Under the new procedures, members voted for their workplace reps, who then form the Branch Council. The council then elected the Branch Board with those making up that executive committee able to stand for the principal officer posts.

There are no longer any separate rank committees at local or national level and the number of officials on the National Board has also been reduced.

Two candidates are standing for the position of branch chair – the current chair John Williams and Richard Cooke. The position of branch chair is elected by the membership who will be invited to vote through an email, with voting instructions, that will be sent to their PNN email address.

If you are away from the Force with no access to your PNN address, please send us an email to request voting details.

The election results will be announced at the end of May.


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