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Federation conduct lead prepares for retirement

14 May 2019

West Midlands Police Federation’s conduct lead retires next month.

In an interview with Federation, our members’ magazine, John looks back on his 29-year career in policing and gives his thoughts on the new conduct regulations.

He gives an insight into his time as a front-line officer, what made him become a Federation workplace representative and ultimately why he put himself forward for the full-time conduct lead role.

While he is leaving the Force at a time when he is hopeful that the new Police Conduct Regulations will finally be fit for purpose and that the Independent Office for Police Conduct and PSD adhere to them, John also genuinely welcomes the Force’s current Chief Constable’s drive for West Midlands Police to be more diverse, inclusive and representative of the communities it serves.

He is also not the first to argue that the police service itself is facing a crisis and will continue to struggle to meet all the demands placed on it if there is not a significant increase in funding and investment.

“For the Government to say reducing police funding hasn’t led to a rise in crime is, quite frankly, outrageous and total nonsense,” John said.

He is now planning to take some well-earned time off to travel, relax, spend time with his family - and go fishing. After six months’ ‘rest’, he plans to look for part-time work away from policing.

Read more in the June/July edition of the Federation magazine which will be available from the end of June.



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