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Everyone Pause

14 November 2018

All Federation members are being urged to take part in a survey on the menopause.

The nationwide survey – called EveryonePause – has been launched by the Police Federation of England and Wales to encourage men and women to speak about the menopause and improve understanding and support.

“The menopause should not just be seen as something affecting only women,” says Steve Grange, secretary of West Midlands Police Federation.

“It is something that affects everyone so I would encourage men and women to take the time to fill out this survey and have their say on an issue that has much wider implications than many people acknowledge.

“This is the first survey of this kind to be carried out in the police service and is being supported by a number of stakeholders and working groups.”

The survey was launched in mid-October and all Federation members were sent a link to their PNN email address.

It will run until the end of November. Contact the Federation office if you need the link. The survey is open to all officers and police staff.


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