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Conference backs £2 rise in Federation subs

23 July 2020

Police Federation subscriptions will go up by £2 a month from September this year.

The increase in subs, supported by delegates at a Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) virtual conference in mid-June, is the first since 2011.

It means members will pay £23.58 a month for the range of support, advice and services provided by the Federation but this will actually amount to £18.86 when tax relief is applied.

“This decision allows the Federation to continue to do the very best it can for our members and to represent them to the best of our ability,” said national Federation chair John Apter and secretary Alex Duncan in a joint statement issued after a vote by Federation representatives from across England and Wales.

They explained: “PFEW’s National Board recommended the increase after considering it was in the best interests of the members, and the organisation. Having avoided any increase in subscriptions for a decade when colleagues suffered years of austerity and pay freezes, this increase was essential to allow current levels of support and assistance for members to be maintained.

“For a number of years, PFEW has bridged the gap between income and expenditure by using reserves. This is not sustainable in the longer term as costs continue to rise due to inflation.

“Increasing subscription rates for our members was not a decision we have come to lightly. In an ideal world we would have been able to continue as we had but, after almost 10 years of subscriptions being frozen, we reached the point that doing nothing was not an option.”

Delegates voted in favour of three motions, all with effect from 1 September 2020:

  • The monthly voluntary subscription rate to PFEW to be £23.58
  • Student officers who elect to subscribe to PFEW will be entitled to a 50 per cent discounted rate for the first year of their service, thereafter they will pay the normal subscription rate
  • Those who join the service on the Direct Entry Inspectors’ Scheme will pay the full subscription rate.

The virtual conference was organised after the annual national Police Federation conference which would have been held in Manchester on 16 and 17 June was cancelled due to coronavirus. Last year’s conference was also cancelled, as a result of a cyber-attack on PFEW.

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