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Paternity Pay

Paternity leave is known in the Police Service as Ordinary & Additional Maternity Support Leave or Ordinary & Additional Adoption Support Leave.

Ordinary Maternity / Adoption Support Leave

An officer can take Ordinary Maternity or Adoption Support Leave in order to care for the child and/or support the child’s mother or main adopter in caring for the child.

Officers who are the father of the baby, the second parent in a couple who are adopting, or another person nominated by the child’s mother can have up to 2 weeks off work (2 x 40 hours/pro-rata for part time officers) to help the mother care for the child at or around the time of the birth or adoption. The 2 weeks do not have to be taken together. Each period of a week can be taken separately.

Exigencies of Duty

All forms of maternity / adoption support leave are subject to exigencies of duty.

Ordinary Maternity / Adoption Support Pay

Week 1: The first week (40 hours/pro-rata for part time officers) is paid at an officer’s normal rate of pay.

Week 2: Officers with 26 weeks continuous service at the 14th week before the expected week of childbirth or the date on which they are notified of a child for adoption, are entitled to be paid for the second week (40 hours/pro-rata for part time officers) at Statutory Paternity Pay rate, (the same as the lower rate of Statutory Maternity Pay). This is paid only if the weeks are taken together within the first 8 weeks after the baby is born or placed for adoption.

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