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Motor Vehicle


The Chief Constable may authorise an officer who in his opinion that it is essential or desirable to have a motor vehicle at his disposal at all times to use his own motor vehicle for the purposes of duties performed by him and will pay the officer a motor vehicle allowance.

A policy of motor insurance approved by the police authority is required before the vehicle can be used for police business.

(With effect from 1 April 2004)

Essential User Rate

The essential user’s rate will comprise:

  • a fixed element calculated by reference to the number of completed months for the year
  • a mileage element based on the cylinder capacity of the vehicle and the mileage rate shown in the table below:


   999cc 1000-1199cc   


 Essential Users


 Lump sum per annum

846 963 1,239

 Per mile - first 10,000 miles

45p 45p 45p

 Per mile - after 10,000 miles    

25p 25p 25p


Casual User Rate

The casual user’s rate will be the prevailing HMRC rates for business mileage - currently 45p.

Home to Work Mileage Claims

Following an agreement at the Police Consultative Forum a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the NPCC meaning there is no longer a requirement to deduct home to work mileage from travel claims under the majority of additional mileage claims.

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Motor Vehicle Allowance and Mileage Circular