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Sussex Police Federation

Sussex Police Federation working with the force to overcome information-sharing obstacles

13 September 2021

Sussex Police Federation has been working with the force to overcome information-sharing obstacles for the benefit of its members.

With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, the Federation found it was not being told about officers being served papers. Instead had to wait for officers to approach them - which meant they were missing out on potential support.

Sussex Police Federation has been working with the Professional Standards Department within the force to find a way around this, enabling information to be shared earlier so that officers can get help, support and advice when they need it the most.

Andy Standing, Deputy Secretary for Sussex Police Federation said: “I am pleased to say that an agreement is now in place which will assist the Federation in providing the service that our officers expect and deserve whilst doing one of the challenging jobs, both mentally and physically.

“This agreement between the Force/Professional Standards and us is a huge step forwards and we want to thank Professional Standards for their willingness to work around this issue for the benefit of our officers. 

“We often hear from some officers on the ground that they view Professional Standards as the enemy who are out to get them, but this is not the case and this has shown their willingness to work with us to overcome any issues. We look forward to continuing and building on the good working relationship we have with them.”

Det Supt Rachel Carr, Head of Professional Standards, said “We are pleased to be working closely with the Federation to ensure that those officers under investigation get the support they need whilst working to the GDPR regulations. This step demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the welfare of those under investigation at the earliest opportunity.”