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Sussex Police Federation

“Our officers are already tired. They’ve worked throughout the whole Covid-19 pandemic and they are now having to go into a very busy summer with very little rest”

13 July 2021

Donna Lonsdale, Deputy Chair of Sussex Police Federation, has given her reaction to England lockdown rules coming to end on 19 July.

Nightclubs will also be allowed to reopen for the first time since March 2020 and capacity limits will be removed for all venues and events.

There will no longer be any limits on how many people can meet and the 1m-plus distancing rule will be removed.

Donna said: “We are looking ahead to a busy summer. We’re prepared for that and we know that it’s coming. Sadly the only way we can prepare for that is to cancel rest days, put in place leave embargo’s and expect officers to do extended shifts

“So we just ask members of the public to be mindful of that. Our officers are already tired. They’ve continued working throughout the whole pandemic and they are now having to go into a very busy summer”

Donna paid tribute to officers who have kept the region safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and its lockdowns, and thanked them for their efforts during a difficult time. Many of them will have to wait until demand starts to reduce before they can enjoy the freedoms the rest of the public are due to celebrate from the 19th July, Donna said.

Speaking at the Press Conference in Downing Street yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the public "don't tear the pants out of" the unlocking.

He added: "Don't be demob happy about this - this is not the end of Covid. It requires constant vigilance...you should not have a jubilee."

Donna added: “We are still asking members of the public to be sensible. We don’t ever want to go back to what we’ve already gone through so please think about what they’re doing and to be mindful of the fact that the pandemic hasn’t gone away, it’s still here and officers are trying their hardest to support and look after everyone.”