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Sussex Police Federation

G7: "Sussex officers will be now be receiving the overnight allowance - it’s a great result for the Federation"

4 June 2021

Police officers working at the G7 Summit will be able to claim an overnight allowance of £50 a night.
All mutual aid officers and local officers who are staying away from home and held in reserve during the G7 Summit will receive the Away from Home Overnight Allowance for each night they are away.
Officers will get an extra £30 on top for Hardship Allowance if ‘proper accommodation’ is not provided – the definition of proper accommodation is a single occupancy room with ensuite bathroom facilities.
Sussex Police Federation Chairman Daren Egan (pictured) said: “Initially we were informed that some forces would be receiving it, but that it was discretionary and Sussex officers would not, so our officers would not be compensated for staying away from home.
"This initial decision was being made by the local Force and one that we strongly disagreed with. The Federation reminded the operation that by holding officers in reserve and available for immediate deployment would assist the force dealing with any unknown Policing requirements, especially with the geography of the force area.
"We made representations at a National level and I also raised it with the Chief Constable Jo Shiner who was sympathetic with our concerns - this was important to support our Sussex officers away from home as well the operation itself. I am really pleased that Sussex officers will be now be receiving the overnight allowance and it’s a great result for the Federation." 
Devon and Cornwall Police Federation Chair Andy Berry said: “A lot of our own officers are going to need accommodation because of the geography of the area and the fact it takes over three hours to drive from one end of the force to the other on a good day without any traffic jams. Our officers might still be a long way away from the event, so they’re going to be treated in exactly the same way.”
Officers can claim the allowance via their own forces when they return from the Summit. Some 5,000 mutual aid officers are expected to assist Devon and Cornwall Police during the Operation.