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Sussex Police Federation

Sussex Police Federation visits stations to support officers wellbeing and find out areas of concern

11 December 2020

Sussex Police Federation Chair Daren Egan and Deputy Chair Donna Lonsdale have been in Centenary House this morning meeting members to visibly support them and their wellbeing, including mandatory covid compliance and establishing what their concerns are. 

Issues raised included high workloads in CID, response officers spoke about the difficulties in keeping up with the constant changes in covid legislation and keeping the community’s confidence whilst policing them - particularly at this time.
Donna said: “All of the police officers we spoke with were positive and it was crystal clear how hard they are working,  
not only ensuring that they are protecting members of the public but also each other from coronavirus. 
“We received another warm welcome and our members commented that they were pleased to see us there and being able to communicate with them in person.”
Sussex Police Federation is carrying out a force-wide tour of police stations to hear the views of officers on the front line. Last week Daren and Donna were at Eastbourne’s Hammonds Drive hub.
Donna adde: “We want to reconnect with our membership from the ground up so we can better represent their concerns to the force. 
“Having the direct connection with the membership is really important to us. Please come and talk to us at our future visits so we can hear your views and serve you as best we can.”