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Sussex Police Federation

Sussex Police Federation to visit stations to hear the views of frontline officers

3 December 2020

Sussex Police Federation is carrying out a force-wide tour of police stations to hear the views of officers on the front line. 
Chair Daren Egan and Deputy Chair Donna Lonsdale, are today at Eastbourne’s Hammonds Drive hub and will visit Worthing’s Centenary House next week, before visiting a different station every other week after that. 
Donna said: “We want to reconnect with our membership from the ground up so we can better represent their concerns to the force. 
“We have been holding meetings with members so that we can establish what we can do to assist them at work.”
Issues that are currently being raised include 
staffing, workload, equipment and mental wellbeing.
Donna added: “This is a new commitment we are giving our members and we will be attending different stations every other week. We’ve already visited the Hammonds Drive hub, and it was a really positive experience. 
“Having the direct connection with the membership is really important to us. Please come and talk to us so we can hear your views and serve you as best we can.”