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Sussex Police Federation

Sussex Police Federation say 'rule of six' will cause difficult times for officers

15 September 2020

Sussex Police officers are going to be in “difficult times” trying to enforce the so-called “Rule of Six” which came into force this week, the force’s Federation has warned.

Deputy Secretary Mark Cullern appeared on BBC Radio Sussex to talk about how his officers would take on this new demand.

He said: “We are in a new world with this rule of six... Sussex Police’s view is that we will engage and explain first, which I fully agree with, and I hope that we get the buy-in from the public for the reasons behind it - that this is to keep the public safe and well.

"This virus is a hidden risk in the community and we all need to do what we can to prevent the spread.”

Mark said the feedback from the public when officers have had to step in over lockdown has been positive, with most taking on the advice given.

He added: “On the majority people do listen to officers when we approach which is good to see and we do get a ‘thanks’ as we are only doing what we can to help people. We will only enforce as a last resort. Sussex Police is all about engaging and explaining and supporting members of the public.”

Sussex Police has introduced a reporting form on the force website where members of the public can report serious breaches of the new rule.

Mark was also quizzed about the new Covid-secure marshals who will be introduced in towns and city centres to help ensure social distancing rules are followed.

Mark added: “They will provide reassurance to the public. I understand that the counties that have used them found it has worked quite well. Anything that helps police officers on the front line and free them up to do their day-to-day jobs I can only see as a good thing.”