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Sussex Police Federation

Op Apollo Team helps keep substandard facemasks from officer use

12 June 2020

Back in April as the country was getting to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic and the protection frontline workers needed to keep themselves and others safe, Surrey and Sussex Police Op Apollo Team identified some face masks that were intended for circulations but in their view failed to meet the standards required for their proposed use.

This batch of supposed PPE was accompanied by what appeared to be false or fraudulent certificates of authenticity. The matter was referred to Trading Standards for an investigation – and whilst this investigation was carried out - the masks were not issued to anyone, and this information was fed up the chain. 

It has now been shown that we were right - and this batch of masks did not provide the appropriate level of protection. This means that due to good work by the team running our response to COVID-19 officers and staff across the County were not put in any increased risk.

An excellent result.