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Sussex Police Federation

Trauma Survey - The Job The Life

22 October 2018

The Job & The Life is the UK’s first force-wide policing survey to assess trauma management and working conditions. It is being independently delivered by the University of Cambridge as part of the Trauma Resilience in UK Policing project.

Funded by the Police Dependants’ Trust, the team at Cambridge University will use the data to develop practical techniques, training materials, and evidence-based insight into trauma exposure in UK policing with a view to bringing effective change to trauma management for police officers, staff, volunteers, and their families.

The survey invites an honest look at how trauma exposure is managed and how working conditions shape the policing experience in the current climate. It will address key issues emerging from recent research (including the 2016 Injury on Duty Report) and will provide more clarity on what support is needed, possible and helpful for operational officers and staff.

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