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Sussex Police Federation

How To Join

• Any serving officer who pays Federation subscriptions can make an application to join the Scheme.
• Join at any time throughout your service but no later than 3 months prior to your retirement.

How much does it cost to insure yourself per month:-
• New recruits who sign up for the insurance will receive the first 26 weeks from their joining date free with a further 26 weeks at half price currently £15.05 (officer only)
• Officers with over one years’ service including transferees can insure themselves for £25.42 per month (officer only)

What am I covered for under the insurance:-
Life insurance, Best Doctors, Careline, Critical illness, Personal Accident benefits, Sickness benefit, Worldwide family travel insurance, Legal Expenses, Gadget ie, phones etc, Counselling and RAC breakdown cover. For full details of cover please follow the link below to the Benefits schedule and scroll down to page 2.

Benefits Schedule

Application form for serving officer only


You can insure a spouse or a partner providing the partner definition below is met.

Partner’ means the person to whom the member of the associated policy is married or, if the member is not married, a person who is openly cohabiting with him or her and who has been so cohabiting for the six months’ period prior to the date of their inclusion in the policy, and on whom such a member is financially interdependent.

How much will it cost me to add my spouse/partner to the insurance
• If you are a new recruit the spouse/partner cover is also free for the first 26 weeks from your joining date with a further 26 weeks at half price currently £20.05 (officer and spouse/partner). 
• Officers with over one year’s service including transferees can insure themselves and their spouse/partner for £32.85 per month

What is my spouse/partner covered for:-
Cover for a spouse/partner is £55,000 life insurance, £7,500 critical illness cover, Gadget ie. phones and the RAC breakdown cover

Application form for a spouse/partner

If applicants are unable to agree the declarations on the application forms a full medical declaration will be required.

Download Medical Declaration Form