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Sussex Police Federation


Federation Representatives: Within Sussex Police Federation we have an equality lead who can assist in this area.  Please go to our meet the team section by clicking here

Federation subscriptions whilst on Maternity Leave
You can choose to continue your Federation subscriptions and if applicable the Life Accident Scheme premiums throughout your maternity leave. If you go into a nil pay situation your subscriptions will cease but you will still be covered by Federation benefits until you return to work or leave the Force.

You will not be covered by Federation benefits should you decide to cease subscriptions prior to a nil pay situation but you can re-join the Federation and Life Accident Scheme by contacting Federation prior to your return to work.

Reminder: If you are a member of the Life Accident scheme your new baby will be automatically be covered under the Travel Insurance. A current copy of the Travel Certificate of Insurance is available to download from the George Burrows Insurance tab located on the home page This also may be a good time to review your life insurance beneficiaries. Please click here to download the form, complete and sign and return to the Federation Office at HQ.

Click here for the maternity guide

PLEASE NOTE - If you are not a member of the Group Insurance, some of the information shown may not be applicable.


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