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Surrey Police Federation

Surrey Police Federation Newsletter: January 2021

18 January 2021

What is the Police Federation?....and how can they support you?

The Police Federation is a staff association for Police officers from the rank of Constable to Chief Inspector. It was founded over 100 years ago.

Most officers associate the Police Federation with helping them when they are in trouble and have been served notices by PSD or the IOPC. Conduct is a large area of our work. We have specially trained reps who can advise you on low level misconduct matters and represent you at meetings. As a paying member you may also have access to Federation funds if you are facing Gross Misconduct, if the matter falls within the funding rules and it is something concerned in your policing role. We instruct the best solicitors and barristers who are very knowledgeable around Police Misconduct and Regulations. The rep dealing with you can assist you in completing the relevant form to request funding.

We also have on-call reps who are trained in Post Incident Procedures (PIP) and Death & Serious Injury (DSI) matters. We will attend a PIP to support the officers involved. We are there solely for you and not the Force. Prolonged investigations and sometimes an Inquest follow a DSI and we are there for you all the way.

Our on-call reps are also called when an officer is arrested.

We can also support in other matters. We have trained reps in Equality and Health & Safety.

We give advice and support in all manner of situations. From facilitating meetings with managers, giving general advice, grievance support, support through UPP/ UAP procedures, flexible working and maternity / paternity matters, Reg 12/13 meetings. The list goes on…..

In addition to the normal membership to the Federation, Surrey Federation offer a Group Insurance Scheme. This offers cover including: Life cover (£100K), critical illness (20%), vehicle breakdown, mobile phone cover, travel insurance, emergency dental as well as some “policey” cover that you can’t buy on the high street such as unsociable hours cover, temporary & permanent disablement, Reg 28 (sickness) cover. (for more information visit our website www.polfed.org/surrey)

Surrey Federation also own a welfare holiday home at Shorefields Holiday Park in Milford on Sea in the New Forest. You can book a break away here via our website or calling the office (01483 632089 or email admin@surrey.polfed.org)

There are 3 main executive Federation Reps in the main office. We are:

Melanie Warnes – Chair, mwarnes@surrey.polfed.org

Paul Campbell – Secretary, pcampbell@surrey.polfed.org

and Simon Patter – Treasurer, spatter@surrey.polfed.org

Visit our Website – www.polfed.org/surrey to find all the latest news, perks & offers, group insurance scheme and much more. There is a useful link on the website to the “Quick Reference Guide” on Police Regulations.