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Surrey Police Federation

Surrey Police Federation Newsletter: April 2021

7 April 2021

Surrey Police Federation Group Insurance scheme

I want to highlight the Group Insurance Scheme to you all to ensure you are aware of what is available to you. I am sure some of you pay for a similar scheme either through your bank or separate policies. But there are a lot of aspects that relate to policing that cannot be purchased on the high street. This offers value for money as it’s all in one place.

The legal cover in this policy fills those on-duty gaps where National Federation fund rules do not allow for legal. It can also replace the legal cover on your motor and home insurance policies.

The Group Insurance Scheme is offered to all Surrey Federation members and Surrey Police staff with the following benefits:

  • Life Insurance £100,000
  • Critical Illness £10,000
  • Child Death Grant
  • Child Critical Illness
  • Permanent Total Disablement - you must not be able to perform your usual occupation but also means life restricting where you couldn’t perform certain functions such as dressing, washing, mobility and generally independent living
  • Permanent loss of limbs
  • Temporary Total Disablement (excludes the first 7 days) – due to an accident & PTSD £21/ week
  • On duty assault – Knife / Firearm
  • Unsociable hours benefit (2 week excess, payable for 24 weeks)
  • Dental injury and emergency
  • Reg 28 sick pay – Half pay (up to 26 weeks 15% pay scale), No pay (up to 26 weeks 25% scale pay)
  • GP24 (family cover)
  • Worldwide Travel (family cover)
  • Mobile phone
  • Legal expenses
  • Motor breakdown (UK and Europe) (member & partner)

All this cover for £22.95 a month. As you can see this really is value for money.

We also offer a partner add-on to the main scheme, as well as retired officer schemes.

For those people who are unable to obtain Life Cover, a Core Scheme is available for £14.00 a month. This covers:

  • Worldwide travel Insurance (family)
  • GP24 (family cover)
  • Mobile phone cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Motor breakdown (member & partner)

The policies and full details can be found on the Surrey Police Federation website on the following link: Group insurance (polfed.org)