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Surrey Police Federation

Update from Surrey Police Federation on policing and the Coronavirus crisis

25 March 2020

Mel Warnes, Chair of Surrey Police Federation, described the response to the Coronavirus crisis as a challenge – but one that the Surrey Police and its police officers will overcome. 

On protective equipment for officers, she said: "The force now has ensured there is enough stock of all 3 varieties of face masks. I would like to remind officers that these should only be used where necessary to ensure that stock lasts as long as possible." 

She added that the Federation has been sending out on the Surrey Police intranet forum good practice and day to day tips on staying safe to colleagues.

She said: “If officers are home unwell or in self-isolation or are looking after a child or caring for a loved one, we want them to know that we are here for them and that we genuinely care about their wellbeing at all times, even more so during the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19.

“We have a document we are sending out to all who are in this position.”

More information for colleagues here