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Surrey Police Federation

Surrey Police Federation: 2020 priorities and updates

6 February 2020

  • Surrey Police Federation has set its priorities for 2020, which are time limits on investigations; Post Incident inconsistencies; and inputs to line managers on education in absence, performance and conduct.
  • There is no current update on police pensions at this time. The latest update is still available on the Surrey Police Federation website for you to view. This will also be where any further updates will be posted for you.
  • The team have been supporting officers through both Misconduct and Gross Misconduct investigations, with a number of meetings and hearings coming up in the next few weeks and months.
  • A number of officers have been supported through a long Ill Health Retirement process, which has finally had an outcome for them. This process can be protracted and is not always a good experience for the officer concerned.
  • The new 2020 Police Regulations came into effect on 1 February. These should have a positive effect on a learning culture for the service.
  • We invited the Chief Constable to our Branch Council meeting in January. This was an opportunity for the Reps to ask the Chief questions and for the Chief to give his point of view on topics such as the force identity, job-related fitness tests (JRFT), collaboration and leave embargoes, among other topics.