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Surrey Police Federation

Surrey NARPO: We Are Here For Retired Officers

10 September 2019

Looking for confidential and independent welfare support? We are here for you.
Looking for friendly advice about life after Surrey Police as you approach retirement? We are here for you.

Who are we?

NARPO, you may know, are the National Association of Retired Police Officers, we are the local Branch. The SPRCA are the Surrey Police Retired Comrades Association. Formed in 1931 its aim was initially just to keep former officers in touch with each other. (Should we create and link a website?)
More importantly, these two organization’s work hand in hand to provide welfare support for their members and now we would like to offer this to the wider Surrey Police family.

What do we do?

We have around 2000 members who have ties to Surrey Police. These include retired police officers, police support staff, and the surviving family members of former colleagues. Most of us still live in Surrey but many have moved elsewhere including other countries across the globe. Our welfare set up includes a Welfare Coordinator, Tony Suter, (insert link here) and Welfare Reps who cover all of the Surrey Boroughs. Our help extends well beyond Surrey though. With the ability to send one email that hits every members desktop, we have assisted the widow of a former officer who lives in Perth, Australia. We have donated funds for vital medical equipment, and helped with more mundane, but no less important matters such as providing transport for members and their families to get to hospital for appointments or simply to visit sick relatives.

What can we do for you?

How does this affect you? Well, despite the fact that you probably can’t be members yet, you are part of the Surrey Police Family. That means we can and want to help you if you need it. Working with the Surrey Police Federation we are keen to make sure you get the welfare support you need, and deserve as part of that Surrey Police Family. As with our members, confidentiality is crucial. You will get that. You may not want the Force to know you have sought help. You will get that, we are independent. You may not even want the Federation to know, or you might not be a member. You can get that too, just contact our Welfare coordinator direct. We might not have all the skills needed to help you but we sure as hell will know who can, and your needs will be our priority.

When you are looking forward to retirement, don’t leave it to the last minute. With all our experience, good and bad, we can advice you how to plan your next step. Whether it is to remain in post as a member of the police support staff, in a new role within Surrey Police, setting up your own business, helping in the voluntary/charity sector, or a completely different venture, our members have experienced it all and would be more than willing to share their experience to help you decide and make a success of your future.

Link to here – Words on the lines of If you need support you can contact your Federation Rep, the Surrey Police Federation office, or contact us direct. See below

Tony Suter Welfare coordinator