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Surrey Police Federation

Measures to keep yourself safe: Advice for officers attending call outs

24 March 2020

Measures you can take if attendance is necessary include:

  • Ringing ahead and asking the member of the public to come to the door or window to speak to you. This way, you can maintain an appropriate distance.
  • If caller is in isolation or symptomatic, can you speak on the telephone/BWV while at the door or window?
  • Wear disposable gloves and dispose after interactions.
  • If you need to go inside a property, maintain the appropriate distance where possible and avoid touching surfaces and objects.
  • Be mindful of sharing pens/radios/phones.
  • Wash hands regularly as per guidance and make use of your sanitising gel if washing is not possible (further stocks are expected)

Day to Day precautions:

  • Prior to every shift and at the end of use make sure you disinfect vehicles steering wheels, gear sticks etc that you are going to use.
  • Disinfect any keyboards or telephones prior to use and after use throughout your TOD.
  • Don’t share pens radios or other equipment where possible. If not possible wash hands after the interaction or sanitise.
  • Always wash hands / sanitise regularly especially before eating.
  • Apply the recommended social distancing where possible, eg: when at workstations/parade rooms/meal rooms.
  • Where advised by supervision, go on and off duty at alternative locations as directed.

This information is not exhaustive and is not applicable to dynamic or arrest situations. You should take note of the daily Covid -19 bulletins.