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Surrey Police Federation

Flint House

Flint House is the Police Rehabilitation Centre that provides sophisticated and intensive treatment for injured officers (on or off duty).

Located in Goring on Thames, Flint House specialises in assisting officers get back to full fitness.

On the 7th August 2018, Flint house trustees agreed to cease the 12 month rule previously in force, to allow officers timely treatment when they have not been previously contributing to the charity.

Officers who wish to receive treatment at Flint House, can now begin paying subscriptions when they require treatment, without having to wait a moratorium period of 12 months before being able to access the services available.

If you wish to start paying a monthly donation to Flint house, so you may use the facilities, you can obtain an application form from the Surrey Police Federation Office on 01483 630289.

BUT you need to be aware that you must be paying into the charity for a minimum of three months before you can access their services.

If you are already a paying member and wish to attend Flint house for treatment, you will need to obtain an application form from the Flint House website.

For further information visit www.flinthouse.co.uk


Cessation of Flint House 12 month subscriptions rule