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Surrey Police Federation

Flint House

Flint House is the Police Rehabilitation Centre that provides sophisticated and intensive treatment for injured officers (on or off duty).

Located in Goring on Thames, Flint House specialises in assisting officers get back to full fitness.

On the 7th August 2018, Flint house trustees agreed to cease the 12 month rule previously in force, to allow officers timely treatment when they have not been previously contributing to the charity.

Officers who wish to receive treatment at Flint House, can now begin paying subscriptions when they require treatment, without having to wait a moratorium period of 12 months before being able to access the services available.

If you wish to start paying a monthly donation to Flint house, so you may use the facilities, you can obtain an application form from the Surrey Police Federation Office on 01483 630289.

BUT you need to be aware that you must be paying into the charity for a minimum of three months before you can access their services.

If you are already a paying member and wish to attend Flint house for treatment, you will need to obtain an application form from the Flint House website.

For further information visit www.flinthouse.co.uk



Cessation of Flint House 12 month subscriptions rule

The Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House

Support to Policing

Update – 19 Aug 2020


I am sure you will be pleased to learn we have gone public as of yesterday with the news that we will be admitting Physiotherapy patients in reduced numbers on Mon 7 Sept.  We are still working on getting all the information nodes in place with a consistent message and using all communication routes available to ensure the news is out there.


For those who require our services please apply in the normal way.

The Flint House patient application to attend is the same as prior to the Corona Virus lockdown and the requisite forms are to be found at https://www.flinthouse.co.uk/attending/application-form


The team at Flint House has been working hard to ensure that when we admit patients for treatment it is safe to do so. This has been challenging due to our obligations to comply with the guidelines across the various sectors; hotel and catering, bars and pubs, gymnasiums and healthcare simultaneously whilst accommodating patient officers from a wide geographical area.


The Centre will only be able to offer residential Physiotherapy treatment to those patients who have completed the remote consultations with us. Due to the interactive nature of our mental health programme we will not be able to offer this residentially for the time being. 

The clinical team will then assess the benefits of a 5 day residential stay for the applicant assuming that they are eligible after strict COVID risk assessments.

Patients will be contacted directly by the Centre. Initially the numbers will be small with a view to expanding within the limits of safe social distancing. Stringent pre-admission protocols and daily screening regimes are being developed to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.

Should any queries arise please do not hesitate to contact us on 01491 874499 or at reception@policerehab.co.uk

The Centre would now like to invite patients who wish to receive treatment to complete an application form in the normal manner. These forms will then be reviewed by our clinical teams & remote treatment offered if deemed appropriate.

There is a wealth of Flint House generated advice and treatment actions that can individually be undertaken whilst at home on YouTube and via our social media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our brand-new monthly newsletter with regular information, events, and interest postings about our Flint House team and fundraising support among other topics is now available by signing up for free now.

The Centre would be highly appreciative if these links could be shared on your intra nets and web pages where possible to maximise the opportunity to inform officers what we can still do for them.

Thank you for your support of The Police Rehabilitation Centre, by ensuring as many officers are made aware of the Centre, what is does for them and thus encouraging donation.

To be a regular donor as eligible personnel and facilitate accessing Flint House, potential donors can visit our web site to donate direct or still utilise the historical route of payroll donation by whatever method and forms your force uses to encompass the donation.

Lastly but by no means least of all anybody over the age of 16 can support the Centre by playing in our Monthly Cash Prize Lottery draw. This takes place on the 28th of each month, each entry is just £1.00, and you can have as many as you wish up to a maximum of £25. All winners are automatically notified, and cheques sent out if you have won one of the seven prizes that range from £1000 to £50.

Should you or anybody you know like to support the Centre by partaking in the draw entry can be completed on-line.   


Once again thank you for your support and cannot stress how vital it is for officers to support Flint House not only as a safeguard for themselves but also colleagues should injury or sickness occur.