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Northamptonshire Police Federation

Introduction Chairs Message

23 May 2019

As we fast approach the halfway point in another year, the pressure and expectation being placed on officers across the Force continues to increase. 

We are going through a further significant change to our policing structure (FP20) as we strive for an improved service to the public of Northamptonshire.  As a Federation it will be our responsibility to engage with the Force, looking to negotiate and influence to secure the best possible working conditions for you, our members.

I am the first to acknowledge that historically we have not engaged effectively with members and this is something that in the coming months and beyond I intend to change.  How we do this I hope will be dictated by yourselves as there will be a very short survey coming out in June asking you how you wish to be communicated with .. hopefully not just another email into your inbox!

We have a new ACPO team that I am pleased to say are supporters of the Federation and the work we do.  This has been reinforced in recent months by their willingness to engage with us and to ensure our attendance and participation at key meetings.  This provides us with our platform with which we can best represent your views and concerns.

In the past couple of months it has been a pleasure to host 2 Bravery Award dinners which further reinforces the excellent work being conducted on a daily basis by officers across the Force.

Whilst we continue to engage and support National Federation priorities, our focus is very much local.  We have had our own challenges recently in the form of a Malware attack, for which Daily Business is still not fully restored.  We are continuing to find suitable workaround processes so that this does not impact on our ability to serve members and it is anticipated that full system recovery will take place by the end of June.

Over the next six month period we have identified the following priorities, that all of us as a Local Council, will be focussing on. -

  • FP20
  • Mental Health
  • Members Welfare and wellbeing
  • Career Pathways.

I look forward to the challenge that lies ahead in the coming months and to reporting to you as progress is made.


Jim Risby