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Northamptonshire Police Federation

Chair's Update - AGM

15 January 2020

Dear Member,

I am pleased to welcome you all on behalf of the Northamptonshire Police Federation (NPF) to our Annual General Meeting and to present my report alongside the Treasurers Report for 2019.

This year we have experienced some challenges Nationally with the malware attack and more locally with our previous Chair Jim Risby leaving the post in July. Pat, supported by the staff in the Lodge, worked tirelessly to continue business as usual and support our members. Pat is due to retire in Spring from the Police after 30 years’ service. She has worked for the last few years as our full-time Secretary and Treasurer and a number of years as a Federation rep. As this is her last AGM I would like to thank her for all the work she has done on behalf of the Federation and wish her all the best for the future.

We continue to work closely with senior leaders in the organisation and are involved in more senior leadership team meetings than ever before. This has allowed us to play a part in shaping decisions, where appropriate and offering advice at an early stage when new policies are being developed that directly affect members.

This year has also seen an expansion on the number of Board members from 8 to 10 and the appointment of three new members: Tracy Moore, Adam Dixon-Kelly and Simon Seed. This brings us in compliance with National requirements and allows responsibilities and roles to be shared more effectively and ethically.

A number of reps and staff also completed training in mental health first aid at the end of 2019, allowing us to support members in times of crisis. We are planning to run a further course to train as many reps as possible in this valuable skill.

2019 saw the departure of the SDM after much work by the Federation where we highlighted its ineffectiveness in meeting demand. We have now moved to the new geographical model and 2 LPA’s with a clear line of responsibility. This brought with it a move to a streamlined talk-group channel and greater emphasis on frontline officers completing their own checks. It also saw some restructure causing disruption to some officers whom we supported through the changes.

With this has also come the reintroduction of local and Force JNCC meetings allowing us to raise and resolve issues with a clear structure and governance. This is a positive step and we must use these meetings properly and effectively, or we risk them being removed.

DCC Simon Nickless joined the organisation and has been a welcome compliment to the Chief Officer team.


The Future – 2020

There are new changes coming into Force in February in the way complaints and performance issues are managed and we will need to be in a position to support members with these going forward.

This coming year will see some significant changes for the Federation. There will be a number of retirements and new members taking up roles.

As already mentioned, Pat will retire, but in addition, Mark Osborn, our CAPLO will retire in February after 30 years’ police service. Alan McMahon will take up the full-time post. I wish to thank Mark for all his hard work over the years as a rep and for all the support he has provided to members over the years and wish him well him in his retirement.

Other retirements this year in spring are Mark Holford, Paul ‘Dutch’ Hollands and myself. My thanks go to Mark and Paul for their work and again I wish them well for the future.

With this number of retirements, we will see some significant changes for the Council and Board, with new members joining and the appointment of our new Chair Sam Dobbs, following a full membership election. It was a closely run competition and my congratulations go to Sam who will hopefully take up post in March.

I thank you, our Members, for your continued support and I thank the Council and Board for their dedication and commitment.

On behalf of the Local Council I offer our sincere thanks to;

Christine, Amanda & Linda: for their daily support working tirelessly within the Lodge to ensure that our members and our reps receive the standard of care and support that they both require and deserve.

Our Volunteer, Ollie Lyons: Ollie volunteers her time to the NPF and completes administration support.

Our Trustees: Ali Quinn, Ali Farr & Simon Moreton; for their dedication and oversight of the NPF funds, ensuring that we operate in a lawful and ethical manner. Meeting regularly and in their own time, to carry out governance on behalf of our members. Ali Quinn is also retiring this year after 30 years’ police service and I wish him well in his retirement.

Stewart Slinn and Stuart Kilpatrick on behalf of NARPO. My thanks also to Tricia Kirk, the former Secretary, who stepped down from the role but continues to support the committee.

As we look forward to 2020, I express my heart felt gratitude to all those who have selflessly contributed throughout a demanding 2019 and wish you and your new Chair Sam Dobbs the very best of wishes.


Acting Chair