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Northamptonshire Police Federation

Chairs Message July 2019

22 July 2019

In my second Chair’s Message since my commencement in the role in March 2019, it is quite apparent that officers continue to feel the strain of increased pressure and expectation that is placed upon them…. Especially as we enter another busy period of Summer Demand.

The Annual Assessment of Policing for 2018 has been released this month. This report concludes that Nationally, Forces are still managing to perform well despite the pressures of austerity and cuts and the complex and growing demand being faced with resource restrictions.

The report goes in to detail in many key areas including an increase in poor mental health amongst officers, the requirement for funding in the front line, in improved technology and how the expectation falls to Police to lead on dealing with vulnerable people. The full detailed report can be found here - State of Policing Report

Nationally as well, there is a lot of pressure and discussion around the “Pension Challenge” which has a direct impact on all members. Communications and updates will be posted here on our website as and when available to assist members in their understanding of progress in this area.

The National “officer pay and morale” survey concludes at the end of the month, the data from which will be available later this year and will allow us to influence the Force with any findings in this key area.

Locally we continue to focus on our identified priorities – FP20, Mental Health, Officer Wellbeing and Career Pathways. These are the areas that we continue to challenge the Force to engage with us on and show a willingness and intention to improve.

Behind this there remains an intention for us to improve our communications with our members, which as I have mentioned in my first Chairs Message, is acknowledged as having been lacking previously.

This will be an ongoing piece of work. Initially we are focussed on ensuring that awareness of who we are and who makes up your local Federation, is actually known across the Force. We have started with basic updates to noticeboards and will use this website as a key focal point and hub for officers to access and obtain information on issues that you affect them. Members will have opportunity in the future to inform us by way of a short survey, what exactly they want from us and we intend on attending briefings and delivering inputs as we head into Autumn this year.

We have commenced a FAQ page for regulations that give responses to regular questions that are raised about entitlements and intend to establish regular updates through use of Forcenet and the newly re-established Nene Beat.

The summer ahead promises to be challenging for everyone again and we will be working hard to understand the key issues being faced by our members and then represent these views to the Force at every opportunity.

Jim Risby